Founding of the European Kansei Group

Some months ago, and following the proposal done by the Kansei Group at Linköping University, the idea of creating a European Kansei Group appeared. The official founding of the Group will take place during the KEER2014 conference.
The European Kansei Group (EKG) has the following intentions:

  • Lump together everybody interested in Kansei in Europe.
  • Promote the use of Kansei Engineering in European companies, both in big corporations and SMEs.
  • Foster research in Kansei to make it more powerful, easier to use, and deeply adapted to the European reality. 

Our ideas for fulfilling these aims are:

  • Being an internet based association, with face meetings from time to time.
  • Starting modestly, and staying flexible enough to evolve depending on the members’ needs.
  • Inviting both people from academia and industry to join.
  • Finding synergies and stimulating collaboration between members.
  • Being alert and actively searching funding opportunities. 

The next informal meeting of the Group will take place in Barcelona (Spain) on September 8th 2014. More information about this meeting will be available on this webpage. Furthermore, register your interest in the European Kansei Group here.

Finally, below is a proposed logotype for EKG!